1. декабря 16, 2016 by Tiger Reply

    That’s a knowing answer to a dicilfuft question

  2. августа 27, 2022 by Padma Thornlyre, Editor/Publisher—Mad Blood Reply

    Dear Günay, I have just visited every work of art on this webpage, and must admit to my joy and pleasure in viewing them. I create a low-circulation literary/art/cultural magazine called Mad Blood, and wonder if I might include your art in the next or a future issue. I can’t pay except in a contributor’s copy (but you could regard it as free advertisement). I’m not savvy enough to create a website, but Mad Blood is an act of love, and is very well designed. The last issue, my first after 16 years, has been widely praised, even though I had to restrict myself to b&w images instead of color. I intend to include color in future issues, however, and your work would be a splendid addition! If you’d like to see my last issue, I’d be happy to email you the PDFs. Thanks for considering this!

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