Gunay Shamsi

1991 -1998 School of Music, piano-player.

2015 – present Weissensee Academy of Arts Berlin, Sculpture.

2015 – present Restoration Center Berlin, Internship, restoration, maintenance of porcelain and painting pieces of arts.

2013 DeutschAkademie Berlin, German course.

2010-2012 Azerbaijan presidential scholarship.

2011 – present Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

2011 A winner of the contest held among the young artists of Azerbaijan. The Best artist, ’’A prizewinner of 2011’’ awarded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan.

2007-2011 Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.

15.08.-09.11.2010 Cultural workshop of the Union of fine arts of Berlin (BKK), Internship.

2010 Diploma of the German-Azerbaijani Society for the contribution in development of German-Azerbaijani relations and ties.

2009 Personal Exhibition: 61 portraits of the famous women Painted by the order of the Women´s Association on Rational Development (WARD), awarded a special medal by the USA Ambassador in Azerbaijan.

2008 First Place at the exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev.

2008 A winner of the Art Contest entitled ‘’Germany through the eyes of the artist-three colors: black, red, gold’’.

2003-2007 Art school named after A. Azim-Zade, Azerbaijan Academy of Fine Arts.

2004-2006 Arkhangel Michail Church, internship on restoration, maintenance of fresco, pieces of ancient Russian fine arts, and icon-painting, Baku.

Exhibitions: Japan, Lünen, Prague, Baku, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Normandy, Tromso ..and many others.